Life, as the most ancient of all metaphors insists, is a journey”, says one of the quotes in this Dreambook. I believe that journeys and the goals that they eventually lead to, take on a deeper meaning when it leads you to journey within—towards self-awareness, towards self-discovery, towards your true Self. It is in the inward journey where the true adventure lies! Goals come and go, but what you have discovered about your Self, as a result of this inward journey, will stay with you forever. This inward journey is best facilitated by constancy and by personal touch in one’s journey—both of which, this Dreambook has successfully accomplished in doing.

I’ve raced towards so many goals and I have coached so many people to run after theirs, and time and time again, I am reminded that what is important in the journey is a sense of constancy that you don’t feel alone and that you have a companion in the journey. Equally essential is a personal connection to one’s journey, as it gives value and meaning to the whole undertaking.
This Dreambook has succeeded in making anyone that goes through this, feel that in their journey, they have a constant companion and a personal coach. As a constant companion, I see myself with it all the time—beside my bed for my waking and sleeping, and in a bag as I travel, which I often do. Furthermore, the questions in this Dreambook, is like a personal coach, where the questions are strategically designed to make you face yourself, to confront yourself, in a very safe environment.
That is why, imagining this Dreambook as a constant companion and personal coach, I can’t help but get excited about new dreams that I would want to crystallize for myself. I am confident that this book is a wonderful guide towards reaching whatever dream I set for myself. Most of all, I trust that this book would greatly facilitate the most important journey of all… the journey from my head, to my heart!

Timothy John Agulto – Coach, Leadership Excellence Achievement Program