Our Story

So how did Dreambook Project begin? I just completed a life coaching program called LEAP, which stands for Leadership Excellence Achievement Program. In the program, we were tasked to set personal, professional and contribution goals. Mine were to break my no-boyfriend-since-birth streak and date 10 different men in 8 weeks, trim my waistline, perform drums in public for the first time, complete a business concept paper, and enroll 10 people into the same program. Some of my teammates had very ambitious goals, like earning P500,000 in 8 weeks and eliminating credit card debt. You know what happened? All 64 of us in our team reached our goals 100%, and we made history as the first ever LEAP team to reach 100% as a whole team. I was very inspired, and I wanted to inspire my teammates to continue dreaming dreams, big and small. In LEAP, as we pursued goals that stretched our limits and our hearts, we experienced ourselves as The World’s Greatest version of our best selves, and I wanted us to continue being our best selves for the rest of our lives. My heart was really overflowing with love and gratitude at that time, so it was not too long before I decided to share this inspiration, not just with my LEAP teammates, but also with the rest of the world. And so Dreambook Project was born. 🙂

May your dreams bless you and the world,

Marian Clarissa Medina
Founder, Dreambook Project