The Dreambook is not for people who simply dream, it is for people who are passionate about making their dreams come true. It asks you questions that make your “dream-path” clearer inside your head. Pursuing your dreams is a journey, and the Dreambook is a journal – a daily companion that allows you to lay your plans (maps, vision boards, goal setting) and check how far you have gone in fulfilling your goals (monthly milestones checkpoint). It is a journal that talks to you, through questions and spaces specially designed for you to fill up, as you become closer and closer to making your dreams come true.

Dreams are products of three important things: FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. Faith – for it takes a belief in someone beyond you, to be able to reach towards something that is larger than life. And because the fulfillment of dreams is largely a miracle, faith allows you to hold dear the belief that the impossible can be possible – simply because God loves you and is powerful, generous and kind. It also takes hope, a belief in a positive outcome, in order to dream. We can run out of money, but we should never run out of hope. Hope allows us to pick ourselves up when we fall. Hope sustains us in adversity. And lastly, love. Love – whether it is a deep respect for yourself, your God-given gifts, and your value as a person or a desire to make a positive change in the lives of the people close to your heart – is the very fuel that drives you to pursue your dreams.
The Dreambook allows you to see just how much faith, hope and love you’ve got in the groundwork of your dreams. It is also interesting to note that the reason why the Dreambook is a diary is because it should serve as a daily reminder of the amount of time we’ve got in a day. It tells us that, though we can have infinite dreams, faith, hope and love, we can only have so much time. Hence, my hope for you is that you fill each day with purpose, for that is the way you can value the life (and the time) you have been given.

Happy dreaming!

Bev Badilla – EIC, In His Steps Daily Prayer and Scripture Guide