Dreambook is a Life Coaching Journal.


 What is Life Coaching?

 Life Coaching helps people have their best lives. It facilitates success in different aspects of life, like relationships and careers. It applies techniques and inspiration from psychology, sociology and even faith. Compared to working on their own, life coaching supports people to get their goals faster and clarify those goals in the first place.


 Life Coaching and Dreams

 As life coaching helps people discover their true path in life and realize their greatest potential, it guides people to unearth their dreams and inspires them to make those dreams reality.


 Life Coaching through Dreambook

 The Dreambook is a life coaching tool. As a journal, it asks users to write their realizations and resolutions on its pages. And it has words and artworks that invite users to be inspired, take action, and stay true to their dreams.


Identifying Your Gifts

 Before diving into dream making, Dreambook invites users to consider one’s gifts to point towards one’s dreams. A person’s particular combination of passions, talents, skills, experiences, resources and values are God-given for a reason and equip a person to pursue his or her callings. Pages 14-18 are devoted to this.

Identifying-Your-GiftsFrom Point A to Point B

 Dreams should be expressed as quantified, specific goals with deadlines. Dreambook directs users to score different aspects of their lives in order to set their point A. This is on page 19. Dreambook then leads users to set their goals on page 27 and paint these goals in pictures on pages 30, 32 and 34—these are their point B.


Discovering Your Dreams

 Some people don’t really know what they want in life or are floundering with their life purpose. Pages 20-25 of the Dreambook provide guide questions on different life aspects so that users can explore different possible dreams and goals.


Dream Making

 Dreambook coaches users to make action maps and define milestones for their dreams on pages 31, 33 and 35. Dreambook then asks users to list their action steps each week and check if they’ve achieved any milestones each month.




Inspiring Your Dreams 

Part of life coaching is encouraging coachees to pursue dreams that fit their individuality and stretch themselves to their fullest potential and to continue pursuing their dreams and keep believing despite difficulties. Dreambook motivates through monthly word art and inspiring words on every page.


The inspiring quotes on each page have different values as themes. Values are guides towards discerning one’s dreams, tools in achieving those dreams, as well as ends that make pursuing dreams meaningful. Why did you choose such dreams? How did you reach them? Beyond the dreams, what’s more important are the values that inspired those dreams and that you practiced to achieve those dreams.



Learning from Your Dream Journey

 Towards the end of the journal, pages 201-203, Dreambook invites users to repeat their keys to success, grow from their failures, and discern if they have been pursuing the right dreams, realize new dreams, and grasp where their dreams have taken them in their life journey.


Gratitude for Your Dream Support

 Dreambook finds it important to show appreciation to the people who helped the users pursue their dreams. Integrated into the Dreambook are cards that they can cut out, fold, and give to their allies. See pages 215-218.