Praises from Dreambook customers & supporters

"I think this is one great tool that you can use so that you can fulfill your dreams. It will give you a structure, an atmosphere, an environment whereby you can fulfill the dreams that God has placed in your lives."
bo sanchez
Bo Sanchez
Best-selling author, entrepreneur, and preacher
“I encourage everyone to grab a copy of this material. I like the approach, it is simple and non-intimidating in pushing disciplines.”
Frankie Naranjilla
Board of Director, Nokia Networks Philippines
"It was my wake up call... that I don't have to limit my dreams... I can work and have fun building my own dreams..."
Winie Manalang-Osal
Mom, wife and financial adviser

It’s not your usual planner. It’s a guide that will push you forward.

Dreambook was designed by a team of coaches, experts, and dreamers to guide you step-by-step and inspire you day-by-day, just like a dedicated coach. It provides a map to a 5-step process for goal-setting and “visioneering.”


and realize answers to question like, “What is your genius?” and “What goals should you pursue?”

by learning and applying methods and techniques for staying focused and purpose-driven.

Get energized through daily encouragement and your personal milestones that remind you to keep pressing forward.

by repeating what works, growing from failures, and evaluating your goals.

You can also set new and bigger goals!

and reach you goal, dream, or aspiration!

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Manuel Salazar Pharex Pascual Lab

“This journal is perfect for those who wish to take a holistic approach in pursuing their dreams. It makes one realize that it is not enough to have just the skills or talent to succeed in life. Forming good habits, sticking to them and having a positive attitude are much more valuable when you have a goal in mind. This is how this journal can help people in their journey through life. It provides them with tools and written inspiration to keep them motivated and focused. Most importantly, it gives them spiritual guidance to constantly remind them that with God, nothing is impossible.”

Manuel Salazar, Chairman of Pharex Healthcorp and Board Member of Pascual Laboratories

RJ jimenez dream academy

The Dreambook makes you bolder in achieving your goals and in living your dreams. It gives you a clear vision of your path, shows you where you are and where you should be, keeps you inspired every single day, develops your personality, and makes you crave for your goals even more. It keeps your passion burning. Looking back at your journey written down, it feels you’re unstoppable… Minsan kapag tinatamad ako, nakakagana ulit kapag nakita mo yung mga sinulat mong specific dreams.

RJ Jimenez, Pinoy Dream Academy